But Like Why?

As a young 20 something adult living in a foreign country my life is a mish mash of things. First, there’s the constant struggle of trying to be an actual adult and get my life together (because omg how many years has it even since I graduated now). Then, there’s living abroad and the usual navigation of cultural differences, language barriers, new relationships, job hunting, homesickness, soul searching, etc. And to top it all off, I’m also a new mother and soon to be wife. Life is crazy and completely unpredictable! Yet, despite all these challenges it’s suddenly more enjoyable (more about that later).

This blog is my attempt at making sense of of it all. I won’t try classifying exactly what it is I’m going to do here, because I’m still working all of that out. As a writer, creative thinker, and introvert I’m always searching for “non-scary” ways to express myself and this seems like a first step. 
I’m going to try posting at least once a week (hopefully more). Primarily it’ll be a living journal of my thoughts, interests, struggles, reflections, rants, reviews, lessons learned, etc….A little bit of everything that makes me me. 

I hope you enjoy reading, and as always feel free to share and leave a comment! 


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