Knitting In The First Stitches

I remember one day my mom pulled out a small ball of pink yarn and some little, blue plastic knitting needles. I’m sure she showed me a stitch or two, but I never remembered what she said, and I never tried it myself. The needles sat there simply collecting dust because I was afraid. That sounds dramatic, but knitting seemed confusing and difficult  -the yarn just fell of the needles and her instructions at the time sounded like gibberish.

I’ve always admired knitters, creating work at their fingertips. Sitting with a cup of tea before the fire, knitting blankets and… you get the point. It’s always seemed so sophisticated and romantic, but I didn’t know how. I wanted to, but I didn’t think I could.

I’m at a strange point in my life, working through some things, and when I stumbled across some cheap knitting supplies at a Daiso ( Korea’s equivalent to a Dollar General) I thought why not.

So, last week  I purchased some double point needles and some sparkly pink yarn.  I came home found some YouTube videos and realized maybe this was finally possible. My fiancé and sister laughed, but i genuinely wanted to give it a try. Thus began my “April Challenge.”

Preparation has been key in getting this all started. I made my Daiso purchase and used it to practice, but quickly realized I had the wrong supplies. My yarn was too frilly (it was called loofah yarn, so what did I expect), and the needles a tad too small for a beginner. So, off I  went in search of some real yarn and single point/ straight needles. And aha, by chance I managed to find both of them the day before starting my challenge. I took a side street through a neighborhood and stumbled upon a quaint little shop full of older women sitting around and knitting, the walls lined with yarn!

And, tada – I have my supplies!

Then, I went on online and scoured the internet for free resources to teach me the basics.( these were some of the most helpful).

Simple-knitting – very detailed and helpful information for a beginner all organized with pictures and linked in videos

Wool and the Gang– the big chunky yarn and step by step process made everything really easy to see

Sheep and stitch  – step by step demonstrations of the different techniques, along with explanations

I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of how I’ve started so far. I’m scared that this is destined to fail ( how am I really going to schedule in knitting every single day, for a whole month), but I’m also excited by the possibilities.


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