About Me


This page is meant to give you a little glimpse into who I am – the woman behind the words.

Name: Shari

Age: 20 something

Nationality: Bajan-American

Relationship: Engaged

Kids: Yes (My little Baby Bean)

Religion: I believe in God

Interests:  I like a lot of different things (which will soon become evident by my blog).

1) Food  – I LOVE eating food, trying new food, making new recipes, and going out to eat.

2) Words – I like reading and writing.

3) Art – I can’t draw, but I enjoy painting, coloring, scrap booking, collage, and in general pretending that I’m an artist.

4) T.V. –  I love dramas! Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, Jane the Virgin, Good Wife, Empire…(the list goes on)

5) Varied academics- I studied Psychology and Africana studies at University and to this day they are still of interest.

6) Running – Sometimes. Maybe?

Welcome to my blog!